Thursday, April 19, 2012

Power vs Force

When I think of these two concepts Power and Force, it makes so much sense to what David Hawkins was sharing in his book Power vs Force.

Although our ideas may differ, this is what my interpretation is as I read the book, and the insights I took away from it.

Coming from a place of power is a constant always being state. It is an universal constant of existence. It is the creation of everything. It is self emanating never to be deceased. It is the source that manifests life, self awareness and consciousness.

Force, is the pushing, going from one place to the other, and energy that overwhelms and wanes. It is the supply that can run out and be depleted. It is the controlled wanting to control an outcome.

Reading the Book Power vs Forces was an incredible experience. It really opens you up to possibilities that give you insight to how human behavior can work. About consciousness and how the different levels of it can create and influence our reality. What David Hawkins calls the "Map of Consciousness".

David Hawkins is brilliant in describing the idea about consciousness. What is it and how does it effect us. He also breaks it down into levels of consciousness. And how there are a small percentage of people who at higher levels of consciousness that can effect all of humanity.

One of the profound ways he shares is about muscle testing and finding out what the core essence of truth is. In his book he clarify's the importance of truth and how this can enhance your life.

When I first read it, I was blown away at the very thought of our own consciousness effecting our well being, and even effects someone else. How we are all connected as a species and as a whole among all that exists.

David Hawkins has a series of books that follows that explains even more about the hypothesis, of what consciousness is. He scales the levels of consciousness from the below 200's to the peak of 1000. In which 1000 is Christ Consciousness. Which really can go beyond into infinity.

In one example he writes about rational mind and how it can take you so far. This level of consciousness is in the 400's and it only can take you to a certain distance and that rational mind can be a barrier into itself. Don't get me wrong, minds are brilliant. They can describe and realize so many concepts, ideas, decipher, and have vast universal understanding of theories of life and our existence. They have the ability to think and create and to imagine. In this way they are limitless in and in another way they can be a boundary. It is most definitely is a paradox.

What David Hawkins suggests is..

That there is only so much the mind can understand and that unconditional Love can take you to another leap in consciousness to the 540's and above.

And that unconditional love, is something we have a kind of faith in that it is a kind of formless. If I can describe it, something deeper than feeling, a knowing. And with this we can start to effect life/consciousness with grace.

What I am describing only touches the surface of what this Power vs Force shares. It is one of those brilliant collections of pages that shares incredible stimulating thoughts of how we live our lives. Be it a life time of sleeping or becoming awaken by the power of knowing we are so much more. And that our lives have meaning, and when you become acutely aware of the existence of your own life. How shall you live it? You become more empowered into your own life, and you have a deeper understanding of who you are.

In this video David R Hawkins shares about his concepts of truth and how important it is...

Hawkins January 9th 2010 full interview

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