Monday, September 17, 2012

Thank You To All Metaphysical Entrepreneurs...

Thank you to the Light Workers, Healers, Holistic Sharers, Naturopaths, to all Spirited Entrepreneurs at the Metaphysical Fair this Labor day weekend of 2012 in Denver, Colorado.

I am doing something a little unusual for me, feeling inspired and wanting to reconnect with the Metaphysical and Holistic world. As I am being forward, and truly want to "Thank you" all for such a pleasurable day, I also felt compelled to share,... Why I am sending out this post?

Well to open with,

As I was walking the aisles on Friday, at the opening of the Fair via the Merchandise Mart, I was filled with excitement to be reconnecting with the many people who have been reaching out to the community, to help the many people who are in need of Metaphysical services.

It is so moving and awesome of you' to do what you do:)

"Helping to improve the quality of life."

"Helping with promoting self healing and self empowerment."

"Helping with relieving ailments, energy blocks, subconscious triggers."

"Helping us to just be us.."

I had the pleasure of sitting in on some of the seminars, one especially moved me, Charol Messenger, she was inspiring and the messages/quotes she read from her books made so much sense.

If you are not familiar with Charol Messenger, she is the author of many books, Wings of Light, Humanity 2.0, helped many writers and has been in the metaphysical world for over 30 years, here's a link to her blog: The New Humanity Is Now.

"In the most deepening meaning it was about our existence and the true treasure of being aware of it."

A special Thanks to Charol Messenger, you most definitely inspired me in many ways.

Afterwards I had a mini reading from Charol Messenger, and I had one particular question in mind, the reason I came back to Denver, the real reason...

As she gave the reading she talked about all the Spirits that were around me encouraging me, having my back on this very special mission. I was so moved I almost cried, but yet it wasn't about that.

She spoke of the intense energy and how warm my hands were, as she caught her breath she said she hadn't felt anything like that in a while.

She advised me to contact someone very connected in the Metaphysical World, .. Aurelia-Tara, so as to become reconnected with the Light-Worker and Holistic community.

This is what I truly wanted..

You see.. I started out as a Holistic and Soul nurturer.. Before I left Denver, I was an intern at a Xchel Healing Arts. I was learning many modalities. An interest I had for many years, in fact for over 2 decades.

As a young girl I always did feel connected and wanted to help my community, help people who are need of healing services, or offer some services of my own.

Back to my reason for sending this letter and reaching out..

This is about connecting with you all and letting you know that I am back in Denver to help promote the Metaphysical and Holistic World. When I left Colorado just a few years ago, my intention was to help promote my business.

But instead Spirit had something else in mind, ..

This is about you and giving back to all the Light-Workers that gave back to many. Helping Light-Workers, Healers, Holistic, Naturopaths, Hypnotherapist, Metaphysicians, anyone who is interested in improving the quality of life, and is a Soul Nurturer.

This is why I am sending this Special Event message out to you' , that for the first time in Denver at the Nic Nac Nook Metaphysical Book Store, there will be a very special guest speaker Chris Lang. He and I will be teaching about how to promote your business.

Who is Chris Lang, he is the Author of, "The Truth About Google Plus", Email Jedi, Wickedly Evil Marketing Tactics, Plenzes.

He has over 30,000 people following him on Google Plus, and shares how his following grew and still is. And why people are so interested in what he has to share.

He is well known in the internet world as a internet marketing strategist and has consultant many companies. He is also an international speaker, and has live streamed many events. To find out more about what he does here's the link on his Google Plus profile, Chris Lang

As I mentioned before;

I left Denver over 3 years ago to get an education on promoting business online, and utilizing the latest technology to promote services and getting more visibility.

What I have learned I am sharing with the "Spiritual Entrepreneur" community. (Thank you Robert Morgen for coining the phrase)

Here are the details in my blog about the Event:Social Media Special Event In Denver Colorado

So, as I am being bold in writing this post to share with you today about a Special Event happening.. on September 22 at 2p.m.

To find out more about the Social Media Event at the Nic Nac Nook in Denver Colorado just view the video below:)

This marks the first class on how to promote your business for Metaphysical, and Holistic, Entrepreneurs, I just want you to know, how truly I am so inspired by you:)

The location is at the Nic Nac Nook, 4280 Morrison Rd, Denver Colorado 80219.

Again, Thank you for your time.. Thank you for your dedication, Thank you for giving back, Thank you for being the Light Workers you all are.. Much continue success along your journey..


Margie D Casados

The Art of Healing Book and Social Media Healing Arts Consultant

PS. We are accepting $5.00 donations for the room space, however just mention you received this post in your email, and then mention the "Social Media Special Event", to a staff member at the Nic Nac Nook and the Class is free, my gift to you:)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Social Media Special Event In Denver Colorado

Special Event: Social Media, Google Plus, YouTube meets all Healers, Light-workers, Metaphysical, Self Help, Self Empowerment, Reiki, Hypnotherapists, Reflexologists, and anyone who has services that are focused on the healing arts and on improving the quality of life for individuals.

We will be sharing some of the latest techniques on how to improve your reach with clientele.

Where is this Special Event taking place? You ask...Well just click on the video and find out more.. :)

Special Event Location: at the Nic Nac Nook, 4280 Morrison Rd., Denver Colorado For more information phone number: 303-922-9063

Map: here...

Date: Sept 22, 2012 at 2p.m.

Special Event is for..

For anyone who has ever wanted to utilize the internet and social media to connect with more clients and promote your services.

For anyone who has ever felt they have a book to write and share there work with the world via the latest strategizes via Amazon/Kindle. Ever wondered what it would be like to have a book published? Really...

Ever wonder what it would be like to have your own magazine, and have people access your latest article via the phone? With our specialized platform we spent a year building you can via Gadget MVP.

For anyone who is interested in providing services with more ease and to utilize Google Plus hangouts on Air, just like President Obama did. Yes, that's right the President utilized Google Plus Hangouts to gain more exposure and connect more with the people.

For anyone who wants to know why social media is so important and it the new form of word of mouth, via word of mouse on your computer.

For anyone who wants to learn how to strategize their business into optimal exposure via utilizing YouTube and why it is more important than ever to share and demonstrate your techniques from your services, or show off your art, this is the one not to miss.

For anyone who has ever thought of having their own show on the TV, via using Google TV or Smart TV's, to gain more exposure.

How do I find out about all this? You ask...

Just be at the Nic Nac Nook, September 22 at 2p.m. in Denver Colorado, we will be sharing the latest and best information on how to bring your business up to the next level.

This information is valuable and is time tested and has been analyzed for years.

Chris Lang is our special guest expert, he is the Author of "The Truth About Google Plus",Email Jedi, Wicked Evil Marketing Tactics, and Plenzes.

He has over 30,000 people following him on Google Plus, and shares how his following grew and still is. And why people are so interested in what he has to share.

He is well know in the internet world as a internet marketing strategist and has consultant many companies. He is also an international speaker, and has live streamed many events.

So, on September 22, at 2p.m. he will be sharing and demonstrating Google Hangouts, and much much more.

This is an Special Event not to miss.. See you there..