Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is Pure Consciousness The Unified Field?

To explore,
Is to open up to a possibility,
Is to open up to possible discovery,
Is to open up to the possibilities of "Knowing the Self"..

Why do I propose and share about consciousness and how it effects our well being?
I believe through awareness and getting to know ourselves is the beginning of change. As we start to understand ourselves we can better care for ourselves and it empowers us to have a better quality of life, body, mind and Spirit.


Why share Dr. John Hagelin PhD? Well I thought it would be better to share from a professor who specializes in particle physics, and who also shares the benefits of transcendental meditation.

According to Wikipedia:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John Hagelin

"Dr. John Hagelin PhD. is an American particle physicist, three-time candidate of the Natural Law Party for President of the United States (1992, 1996, and 2000), and the director of the Transcendental Meditation movement for the US.[2]

Hagelin was a researcher at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), and is now Professor of Physics and Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management. He has conducted research into unified field theory and the Maharishi Effect."


In summary, I have broken down Dr. John Hagelin's definitions of Unified field, Consciousness, Hidden sector matter and Transcendental Meditation.
My attempt was to bring forward the understanding of these important key elements and to roll it up to an definable statement of how it is key to our well being via the relationship of "Consciousness and the Unified Field".


Dr. John Hagelin explains so brilliantly, something so fantastic as the unified field and the relationship of consciousness via meditation.

Many scientist may not agree with his hypothesis.. But what if John Hagelin is correct? What if..

First we start with the Unified Field:

In the video below, John Hagelin explains: What is the unified field?

Unified Field in theory is at the bases of all the creation in the universe.

The ocean of existence is a bigger reality.. aka the Unified field.

The unified field is infinitely dynamic and non-material.

The unified field, you can call it a field of intelligence of pure abstract existence.

And it is self interacting with itself, Self aware.. of it's own existence.

And the dynamical self interacts leads to stage by stage the emergence of the universe.

Dr. John Hagelin also defines the unified field intelligence as:

It is the origin of the laws of nature.. it is the unified source of the diverse laws of nature,..governing the whole universe, at every level, and the laws of nature are the orderly intelligent principles governing the universe.

The laws of nature make the universe understandable.

The laws of nature are the intelligent principles governing the universe at every level.

The laws of nature make the universe predictable, intelligible, comprehensible

And if the unified field is the unified source, of all the laws of nature?

The compact concentrated source of all the laws of nature and all the order displayed through out the universe it must in some sense be the most concentrated field of intelligence in nature.


Second, Consciousness:

Dr. John Hagelin, goes into explaining, What is consciousness?

Awareness within.

Pure consciousness can be expanded into the infinite, into an inner universe.

What does Dr. John Hagelin mean about Consciousness.. he means awareness itself, awareness of the Self.

The fundamental subjectivity at the basis of the mind.

The Self, that which sees..


Third; Hidden Sector Matter:

Dr. John Hagelin speaks about the hidden sector world. Hidden sector world interacts with us through gravity although weakly should not be ignored.

Hidden Sector Matter is somehow connected to, Subtle bodies, astral bodies, are suggested that they actually exist.

Hidden sector matter creates bodies of a macroscopic size. and those macroscopic bodies cling to us electrostatically and they can also be separated from us.

And they provide very interesting properties which actually make it a thinking body possibly a useful tool, helper to the brain.

The brain may have help from hidden sector body (scale invariance, meaning size doesn't matter) can be a conduence, for a macroscopic thought, for a macroscopic brain, for appreciation and perception can link to a level of life that is much much smaller and much much deeper.

Hidden sector matter has the possibilitity of being relatied to thought.

Something created the action, the action of vehicle was or must of been hidden sector matter.

Transending scale, important element.


Fourth; Transcendental Meditation:

Why is transcendental meditation so important? And what is it?

Attention is drawn deeply within.

Transcendental meditation is a technique that puts in you in a deep state of being. A deep state of relaxation and via inner quietness, stillness, silence.

Unified state of Consciousness, is the complete settling activity of the mind. Emphasizing on complete. Idling state of mind, a state of deep self awareness that is deeply universal within.

Dr. John Hagelin explains the relationship transcendence meditation has to health, in the sense of relieving stress and the benefits of what it does to your mind , brain, and body.

Very important:

Meditation takes a person to whole brain functioning.. Like the universe and the unified field and whole universe functioning.

Improvements through transcendence meditation, it increases well being, IQ intelligence.. benefits in emotional intelligence,and so on by developing and engaging the total whole brain.


Summary roll up:

The structure of Consciousness mirroring the structure of the unified field suggests they could be one and the same.

The theory does bring up some important arguments as to Consciousness and the Unified Field connecting us all. And through meditation we can improve our quality of life, by being connected to our most inner Self.

In John Hagelin final closing statement is so profound:

"The simplest explanation is that these two unified fields one at the basis of human experience, one at the basis of everything else in nature that these two unified fields are one."


In closing:

And through all of this I find it so amazing, that we can become more connected to the Self. Meaning our real Self, that part of us that feels the connection with something. That part of us that is aware that we do experience existence. It allows us to become more familiar with ourselves. To get to truly know ourselves and not be reactive to the outside world, because in the most universal sense we are one and the same a part of the whole.

It allows us to have more compassion for ourselves as we go through life. It improves the quality of life, through the appreciation of knowing through this miracle of this particle Universe, you and I exist.

"To explore is to be boundless."