Thursday, April 26, 2012

How Does Self Awareness Effect Your Well Being?

Being self aware can greatly increase and enrich our life experience. This video really touches on some interesting insights. And it triggered a memory for me, and perhaps it will for you too.

When I was a young child I was very much a loner and an introvert. I would visit my favorite park, and sit underneath this huge tree to be alone and just be. Here I would reflect on my own immortality and what life meant to me.

One day many years ago, I was very upset and played hookey from school, to upset to go to class.

So I did what was comfortable for me, and went to my park. I still visit this very same park to this day, and the tree is still standing. Wow, if that tree could talk.

My point here is... to focus on what life means to you. And how you can enhance your own life by living your life to the fullest. And to release yourself, from any self made barriers, by offering some insights into why we do the things that we do.

Here's a piece I wrote a few years back, it speaks about Consciousness shifting, which really means to become acutely self aware of of your own existence, as best as I can explain it.

And as we do become more aware of our own existence, and be in the moment, it is in that appreciation of the miracle of life, and truly feeling the aliveness within. That enriches our lives so much more.

Keeper of the Key (up for change)

Reflecting back into my life I often wondered why I felt it was impossible to live the life of my dreams. I was acutely aware of a force I was pushing up against, but I didn’t know how to get past it. It was as if my nose was pressed up against a clear glass window looking at what my life should be like.

And yet still I could see my own reflection, me looking back at myself, was this my answer? Could I be the one who was keeping me from opening myself to the life I wanted?

When I was in my twenties, I remember the big dreams I had, the things I wanted to accomplish and achieve. In my thirties my dreams became a little smaller, and in my forties, I asked myself what happened? Every year I would set a goal to manifest my desires only to find another year to pass with the same result.

The harder I tried the more resistance I would feel. Somehow I knew there had to be an answer, there had to be a way. Now in my mid-forties my dreams have come back and are larger than ever. I have the excitement to know my desires are possible to attain and to live. What changed? Consciousness Shifting!

When I start to feel that invisible pressure keeping me from my desires, I shift. I am aware, I am in the moment, I am present, I know that now is new. I’ve learned the power of “Consciously Shifting”.

I use my body as a compass and focus my awareness to where I’m feeling stimulation in my body. I’ve learned to notice if I am feeling some discomfort… of pressure in an area, to allow myself to be in the presence of that feeling. When I do this that hidden force seems to lose it’s power. I become clear.

And now…

My life is more open to new possibilities, I know I have the freedom to choose, to create and to be. I have an intuitive knowing that “I am” the creator as well as the created. There’s an expansive freedom to allowing myself to receive my hearts desire.

When I look back at who I was before and who I am now, I am so grateful for crossing paths with this modality. Imagine,..the power to consciously shift, to be able to clear myself of barriers holding me back. Had I not made this discovery I know I would still be pressing my nose up against that clear glass window, wishing for a different result.

Before consciousness shifting I allowed my limiting beliefs to keep me in a self made prison, wondering if I would ever be free. As I reflect back I know I had the key hidden in the grip of my hand all along,.. and as I am present I unfold my fingers,..look into my palm and I see the imprint of my very own key.

Keeper of the Key

In this video it truly explains well why we may live the way we do. And in being Self aware can really enhance our lives:)


  1. Yes a friend of mine shared that technique with me many years ago and I had forgotten Margie, thanks for reminding me!

    Another method is to ask that part of your body what it wants and then whatever it is give yourself that in your imagination. Then you ask why was that important? What do you need now? You keep going like that until you don't need anything and realise you never did need any of those things to be at peace!

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