Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is the Universe Infinite?

In this post, I have put together a collection of abstract concepts and questions to give pause and to just think about. Some may connect with you and some may not...

Is the universe infinite? And what does this have to do with well being, and healing?

First we must look at the infinite, putting it into play that anything is possible. In our own rational minds we can not even comprehend an unending. Therefore we have to put our intuitive self into focus. Doesn't that sound paradoxical focusing on our intuitive Self ?

Something that is subtle and you can't quite put your finger on. Like looking at something via the corner of your eye.

If there is one universe? It would serve to think that possibly there are multiple universes. With infinite scenarios, with infinite realities.

Another few questions..
What is the mind? What is thought? What is consciousness?
In the book "The Eye Of The I" , written by David R Hawkins, he explains it really well about consciousness. Consciousness is the background of which thoughts are displayed..

If you can imagine a piece of paper with words on it.. The words being the thoughts, and the paper being the consciousness .. this has the possibilities of being consider that there is something beyond our selves, there is something more.

Our thoughts, and emotions can effect our health and well being. How powerful are our thoughts?

What causes Stress? Our reaction to a scenario in our heads? A story, a perception of how we think something should be and isn't ?.. Something we can’t control to our liking?

It is our reaction to something that inhibits or enhances our emotional health.

This is not to say we don’t feel sad, when it is valid to feel sad. This is normal. We feel what we feel. Grief and Loss are to be respected, because in our life that something lost'.. has value.
If it doesn’t have value, then why experience life?

Life is a gift, it is the existence of you.. How you live it, what you do with it is yours to live.

What is to be considered here is.. What is important to you, and the way that you live it.

A baby can be born with an illness.. Is it the baby's fault? No .. The world has tragedy and sorrow.. Who is responsible? There is war, there is lack...

It makes me think of the one hundred monkey theory .. When 100 or more have a learned behavior, then instantaneously the others of the same species learn it also.
Could this be true?

A scenario is created, there is the dominate idea or thought, be it good or bad. This thought is like the universe and expands. It creates an environment based on this thought.

One perception could lead to mass panic..
Then like the villagers running after Frankenstein with pitchforks and sticks. They all are caught up in the perception that something is bad.

Or the opposite, something that is good.
It can create euphoria and adoration if something is to be believed good.

Let’s go back to the baby born with a challenge, an illness.. Is it the baby's fault?
For what ever reason, in the infinite universe the circumstances were created to create that reality.

Infinite is something I believe can not be reasoned with the human mind because it is infinite..
In a paradox, this statement is true and untrue..

Like the moment.. This moment is all we truly have in one sense. In another time exist. This in itself, says that possibilities are infinite.

There is the outer Universe, and the inner Universe.. We can go in as deeply forever, uncovering layer after layers. Like an onion. Or we can go outer being the center of the onion and forever, uncovering by removing every thin layer of skin.

So what does this have to do with well being? What does this have to do with my health?
Our thoughts, are created by the perception of what we believe the way some thing should be. Something we want to control.

Therefore we create a story in our mind that things should be a certain way. This we react to that story. How we react to it is up to us.

Feelings such as anger, hate, resentment, sadness.. produce a reaction in our bodies and is stressful. When a house is under stress constantly it eventually falls down.

Feelings such as happiness, joy, and love.. produce endorphins that relax the body.

In our own reality, our story effects us some how. As we move through our story.. of course respecting the feelings you have, validate them, release them, and move on.

Why are memories important? We can relive a story over and over.. Like the echo in a canyon.
The thought being repeated in the mind.

It is just as real in your mind as you think it? We fantasize we dream. we have desires, we have goals.

There is fear, what if’s .. If we don’t achieve our goals. Attachment to the goal, to that thing.

In the universe where there is nothing and everything.. in the instant that you are alive..and you are not.. Is that a true statement? It is and it isn’t.

We can be attached and un attached.

Let’s consider the ego.. and don't let me get started on the subconscious that is for another day..

The ego is a powerful thing.. Some believe the ego is bad and they demonise it.
The ego does have purpose in this reality, it warns us of danger. It is a survival tool.
And in another reality, it is not to be needed.
The ego is really a tool.. The thing is the Ego should not lead you, You lead the ego.

What does this have to do with well being?

If you are silent and still, you can intuitively feel, that there is something bigger than ourselves.
Something familiar, that has always been with you all your life.

Well being is a state, of good in the Spirit, Mind, Body and Essence of the Self. It can be seeded and grown, through ourselves. The way that we see ourselves, our self and our Self, our faith, our beliefs, our thoughts, our feelings, and our reactions.

As we become more aware of the Self, we can explore more of who we our, and get to know more deeply of who we our. We can choose to create the life we experience with more inner wisdom. We can start to realize that we are the Universe and experience it as an individual in our universe.

We start to be more alive, and experience a more enriching life, by being aware that we exist.
And that this is so precious in itself, that every nuance of life is what it is.. something to be experienced and treasured.

Is the Universe infinite? This video it shares some interesting concepts.. Enjoy:)

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  1. I like all of the questions you have put. This is a wonderful thought piece; a good place to start in examining the healing arts and their impact on us.